How Selfie Beauty Camera Have Great Photo

With the advent of Selfie Beauty Camera, now you can easily take gorgeous selfies almost anywhere and anytime with a simple camera, smartphone or tablet. There are also several ways to customize your Selfie Beauty to make it even more beautiful. Here are few techniques:

Preset Beauty – You can use any of the available overlays available on Selfie Beauty Camera. With latest Overlay Packages you can even retouch your facial features with just a few steps. With sub-mask option available in different shades, you can even enhance your facial features like cheekbones, nose and chin. Choose the blend of color that matches your skin tone and frame perfectly. The Preset Face Retouching Filter is really very helpful for those who are suffering from acne problems.

Real time Filters – This is another great feature present in the latest Selfie Beauty Camera. You can actually manipulate your facial features with this real-time filters in seconds. You can choose an angle of your choice, select a filter from a drop down menu and apply it to your selfies. You can add a little bit of bling or glitter using glitter particles for a glamorous look. This allows you to really stand out from the crowd when you are taking a Selfie Beauty photo.

Photo Editor – The photo editor in the latest Selfie Beauty Camera apps allow you to edit, crop, rotate, resize, burn and save your snaps in one single shot. These are the perfect ways to edit the perfect picture you have taken with your smartphone camera. With this app you are also able to edit all types of videos, images and any other file formats supported by your device. The Photo Editor widget present on these apps make it extremely easy to manage your snaps; you will definitely love the way these photo editing apps work.

Malware Protection – The apps installed on your phone when you purchase Selfie Beauty might be very helpful for keeping your device safe from malicious attacks but not all of them work effectively. If you are thinking of downloading any of these apps, make sure that it is from an authentic company or brand. There are numerous malware out there that can steal your precious photos or videos. There are certain security measures that you can adopt to protect your device from such malware. You can check out this article for more information regarding the best mobile phone security apps.

Apart from the photo filters and photo effects, the latest Selfie Beauty also comes with some interesting features such as a “lapse recorder” and a “spinning circle”. This spinner circle will allow you to take multiple photos with the Smartphone and then recover them into a slideshow. You can also preview any of these effects in order to check if they will fit your needs before you download them. So if you love taking pictures and are a passionate photographer, try out the amazing Selfie Beauty now!