What Are The Challenges Of Organizing An Informal Labor Union

Formal and informal workers are both important parts of an organization. Formal workers work under the rules and regulations of a particular organization and get financial benefits from that organization. The government also provides special financial facilities and tax benefits to the formal workers of an organization. Still, corporate organizations or governments cannot offer special financial facilities to the informal workers.

Challenges Of Informal Labor Union

Informal workers donot consider themselves workers, which is a significant problem in organizing a labor union. Apart from this, informal trade union faces lots of other difficulties such as follows-

Lack of legal protection- Informal workers, do not have specific employers; thus, no labor protection law protects them from unwanted circumstances. Harassment is a common issue for informal workers. In such a situation, it is tough to create a labor union.

Poverty- Informal workers come from poor social backgrounds. Migrant workers, street vendors, and taxi drivers are the example of informal workers. The competition among these informal workers is huge, for which forming a trade union is impossible with these workers.

Diverse workplace- It is not possible to form a trade union with migrant workers because migrant workers stay in different locations. In such a situation, the union organizer cannot accumulate the workers in a particular place.

Insufficient performance- Labor union needs lots of rules and regulation to continue the union. But informal workers are poor and donot have adequate educational training for which they can’t understand the organization’s written rules and processes. If informal workers want to contact a labour organizer, they cannot understand how to contact a union organizer.

Way Of Contacting A Union Organizer

Forming a labor union is easy, but workers should know how to contact a union organizer for any difficult situation in the workplace.

Formal or informal workers should provide their names at first

Email id and phone no are essential for workers for providing any necessary information.

On the union organizer’s official website, the workers have to put their employer’s name, job description, and workers in that organization.

Union organizer should sign the online form after filling up.

From the above information, one can understand the significant problems of creating labor unions with informal workers. But these problems can be solved if the government takes the necessary steps to convert the informal workers into formal workers with proper facilities and rules.