What Are The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

The chance to explore the roads & scenic countryside without getting enclosed by that steel frame or glass can make motorcycles the most popular transportation mode. After all, it lets you commute and even travel for recreational purposes. Though motorcycles trips are less secured than the car or buses, riders just can’t miss indulging in the impeccable activity that gives them a chance to have a taste of life.

Whatever might be the case, ensure that you do not meet a motorcycle accident. Otherwise, consulting the motorcycle accident lawyer and taking up the case to the court will become an intimidating and painful affair. These might be the most common causes which you should avoid.

Left-Turning Trucks Or Cars

Vehicles will surely make that left turn, and it might pose a severe threat to the motorcycle riders. But it is never just by turning into that path of the oncoming motorcyclist. The motorcycle rider also gets in a jeopardy of hitting when a driver of the left-turning car or bus, or truck does not notice that motorcycle passing it on its left.

Vehicles While Changing The Lenses

A majority of cars & trucks on roads have those blind spots on one of the vehicles’ sides. And these are the areas where the motorcycle cannot or fails to get noticed by the vehicle drivers. This is because they change the lanes & crash into that motorcycle. The motorcyclists reduce the risk of collisions with lane changing cars or other vehicles by getting aware of the blind spots. Thus, they avoid riding right within them.

Rider Impairment

One impaired motorcycle operator or motorist can experience impaired vision. The person can show poor judgment and reflexes as he is unable to maintain control of his vehicle. An effective way for the motorcycle rider to avoid a collision caused by drugs and alcohol is to avoid riding after consuming any alcohol-based beverage.


Operating a vehicle like a car or truck, or even motorcycle at higher speeds in excess of the limit is absolutely unsafe for weather and road conditions. It can pose a severe danger of crashing or losing control. Cars & motorcycles getting operated high speeds always are difficult to control safely & take a longer time to stop.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a serious issue when riders attempt at making up time by riding in between lanes. Lane splitting (aka lane filtering) is dangerous.

These are the causes when a motorcycle accident might occur. When someone encounters such an accident, one should never hesitate to contact the motorcycle accident lawyer. Searching for a legal associate can be done by performing an online survey.