What Kind of Modifications Can Be Done in Flood Barriers

Floods cause more damage and loss for the people and the country. Governments can also take several steps in controlling the floodwaters through many flood protection projects. Constructing a concrete dam to block the floodwaters costs more money, that’s why demountable flood barriers are used. These barriers provide excellent protection in controlling the floodwater entering into the building and act as a Mobile Flood Wall because of its lightweight design structure.

Are Demountable Flood Barriers Effective?

The demountable flood barriers provide greater efficiency in protecting the building and property from floodwater. It is a better type among others in order to fight against the heavy floodwater even with 3 meters in height. These are having several advantages in using. Some of them are stated below,

Demountable flood barriers minimize the human intervention in installing, removing, or need to get stored when it is not in usage. It doesn’t need any technical training for installing, unlike other types.

These type of mobile floodwall barriers does not use any electricity, and it provides constant food prevention.

These types of barriers are very effective against flash flooding, which can be removed after the flood to restore the landscape scenery.

With the use of EPDM sealants, they provide enough grip between the post and panels which fully reduces the seepage of water.

High tensile aluminum material 6005 alloys are used in the manufacturing of the panels and posts. They will provide a high level of protection from flood and are easy to remove or carry after the flooding, because of their lightweight characteristics.

It takes less time for installing or removing and also offers greater tensile strength against the water waves.

What Kind of Modifications Can Be Done in NF-70 Demountable Flood Barriers?

The NF-70 demountable flood barriers have mobile flood walls between 2 posts, which are designed to be 2 meters in height. In order to achieve unlimited length, the wide opening between the posts requires central posts attached with the anchor plates. When installing the barrier panels into the posts, a 5 degree of angle arc or curved is made that can reach together with the increase of central posts perimeter.

When it requires special curves and arcs, a customized post will be made in accordance with the customer’s needs. The ground gaskets are made up of polyethylene and polyurethane materials that provide the blockage of water seepage. The side and central posts are made up of 6005-T6 aluminum material whereas, the barrier panels are made up of 6063-T5 aluminum.


These demountable flood barrier panels come in various colors according to their anodized, powder coated, and heat transfer characteristics. These high tensile flood barriers can be assembled or disassembled quickly after the flooding by using simple tools.