What Made The 2012 Staging Of A Thousand Clowns So Good

Mounting an old play for today’s audience is indeed risky business.  However, great acting, great direction, and a wonderful environment can reduce that risk. The first theatre of the 2012-2013 season of MCT was Herb Gardner‘s A thousand clowns. This staging of the 1962 classic was the directing debut of Jonathan West, and it eliminated that risk. Herb Gardner shouldered the script of this play, and it opened in the year 1962. Jason Robards played out the character Murray Burns. Murray’s life revolves between two worlds, which are of him and another person. His world has just one guest. It is Nick, his nephew aged 13 years. The two of them reside together.

Murray is indeed amusing, and his wit paves the whole play. However, his humor has a sign of sorrow at its heart.

Director Jonathan West did a great job and made the play breathe and proceed at a gentle pace. The advantage was that the audiences could attach to the characters.

In the story is an attempt of the BCW to inspect the way of living of Murray and Nick. Murray is apparently against finding gainful employment, and Nick is content staying as he is.

How Does Tom Klubertanz Do As Murray?

Tom Klubertanz acted out the character Murray with the delights and worries that make him an exciting character. Murray’s face displays each transitory emotion, and audiences can understand the mix going on in him. Playing Murray for laughs is easy enough. However, Tom Klubertanz excelled as the Entertainer Actor by finding the coatings that make Murray exciting besides funny.

People can assume Murray to be a comedian. However, this play shows that humor doesn’t drive him. A statement that he makes to his brother reflects this feeling.

Other Great Performances

Matt Daniels offers a first-rate performance in this play. Daniels can be very eloquent without uttering a word. He is the representative of the BCW, and his coming to Murray’s home is precious. Audiences loved his acting, deciding the best way of sitting on a portable lawn chaise lounge. He did not utter a word. However, the audience could not help laughing throughout until he sat. What will be a fitting description of Matt Daniels? He’s an actor who doesn’t ever move with no reason. Moving like him should be the dream of everyone. Read Bryan Murphy books to know this life story

Beth Mulkerron completed the BCW pair, and she finally took a liking for Murray. She stood out all through the play with periods of uncontrolled crying. It’s sort of a mix of the finest of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. It’s as funny as it can be. Audiences could not help wishing that she would continue crying so that they could all continue laughing.