Which is the correct air cooler to fight the summer?

Air coolers rank with the top cooling solutions for areas with dry summers. They’re widespread as they’re economical to use and ecologically friendly. They draw on a somewhat advanced procedure of evaporative cooling. They’re characterized by a modest air cooling procedure that’s no less efficient than contemporary refrigerated AC technologies. A simple air-moving system pulls renewed air and pushes it through damp cooling pads. The water evaporating in these pads lowers the air temperature. A fan blows out this cool air. People who’ve decided on the sort of cooler to buy must choose a model that best suits their needs.


People must get a cooler that fits their room size. What is the unit of measurement of an air cooler’s airflow? It is CFM. CFM refers to the quantity of air cycled into a room in a minute. People can pick the correct size for their cooler by computing the CFM essential for their room. Calculating the CFM is as easy as dividing the room’s area in cubic feet by two.

Another factor that determines a cooler’s airflow is whether it has a fan or a blower. Fans are capable of creating airflow in significant volumes at low pressure. However, blowers create high-pressure airflow at substantial volumes. People looking to purchase a cooler should get models with multiple speed settings. Another criterion for selection is a cooler with spontaneous louver movement, ensuring cool airflow in all directions.

Water tank capacity

It’s vital to opt for a cooler with a water tank of the correct size for everyday use. A greater-sized room would necessitate an air cooler having a greater tank. A new trend is personal air coolers. They have tanks of capacities of 20 to 30 liters compared to the 31 to 50 liters of desert air coolers. Mini coolers like the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC are also very trendy. They have water tanks of capacities from 250 ml onwards.


A significant reason that people were against purchasing air coolers is that they occupied space and didn’t complement a room’s aesthetics. Presently, there are models with stylish and smooth designs. Tower coolers are very popular now. They occupy less floor space and yet have enough power for use in large rooms.  People who plan to use their air cooler in diverse rooms should buy one with castor wheels. And if the cooling is meant for one person or two, a mini cooler is fine.