How Much Does A Wedding Dress Cost?

How Much Does A Wedding Dress Cost

How would you like to save up for other wedding need when you don’t know how much a wedding dress cost so as to plan and provide for other wedding budget. Searching for brides dress and other accessories can be interesting as well as stressful due to some many factors such as bridal dress and the type of bridal wedding dresses you are looking for. The prices of wedding dress can vary depending on what goes into the making of the wedding dress.

Your wedding gown is one of the highlight of your special day and it can be among expensive wedding dresses but you will have a high feeling of relief when you find the wedding dress. Also, remember that you need reception dress for wedding because you won’t be comfortable in wedding dressed for the whole day so you need to factor the cost. These days many more brides are choosing to wear a second reception outfit or a third designed dress for the after party that means they will spend the chunk of their budget on dresses so if I were you, I will look towards China direct, to buy wedding dresses direct from China so I can get high quality at lower prices than anywhere else.

Now what! The average wedding dress cost depends on a variety of factors. Therefore, it is very important to know how much does the average wedding gown cost before looking for wedding dress. The average cost of a wedding dress depends on some factors like fabric, embellishments, the designer, accessories, style, colour and shape but not withstanding the price of the average wedding dress cost $1,000. There can be additional cost like alteration cost which will bring it to final cost.

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If you’re wondering where to shop for your wedding dress, you can buy wedding dresses from China and it is a perfect time to equally buy jewelry that perfectly defines who you are, don’t forget is your big day that you are planning. Do you know that you can buy jewelry like wedding ring with discounted wedding dresses; just because you bought jewelry with the wedding dressed. In China, there is nothing like costly wedding dresses because you will find your budget for beautiful wedding dress to match with whether fall wedding colours or summer wedding colours.

From one report, it shows that in 2019 average wedding cost was $1,600usd while 2017 was $1,700usd. You can get cheapest wedding dresses if you buy wedding dresses from China and that will help reduce your overall average wedding costs but keep in mind you might do some alteration which will involve alteration cost so to avoid these get your measurement right at the onset.

The average wedding dresses cost also depends on the region, you can spend close to $2000usd in the Mid-Atlantic and up to $1,500usd in the Midwest.

However, some brides don’t even have the average cost of a wedding dress which is $1,000usd so does it mean she can’t tie the knot with her loved partner. The answer is No, you have to save on a wedding dress by shopping on site for second hand dresses while there are extreme cases of where the choice of gown that you wanted the look is on the second hand site, I bet you will shop for it rather than buying a brand new gown while saving the cost.


Do you know that you can get money back after your wedding from selling the gown. Most brides don’t border about how much they spent buying wedding dress but care about getting their choice  that will give them the look that they truly deserve, no matter the price because  they have the intention of selling their wedding dress to some shops and sites to earn money back after the wedding.

Some brides do keep them for various personal reasons and even be hiring it out where possible to vendors.


I wish I could tell you to avoid breaking your bank after your wedding so you need to pick some of these key elements here. The average cost of wedding dresses hasn’t changed in the last years from $1,000 and the price of wedding gown depends on the region.

You can buy your wedding dresses from China, buy jewelry and after party dress from China at an affordable price to reduce your budget for other wedding expenses or buy second hand dresses.

There are a lot of factors that goes in determining the price of wedding dress and some brides choose to sell their wedding dress after the wedding and some choose to hire it to vendors. What matters is getting the looks that you so which for your big day.